Alexey Ivanov
Product Design Lead.
Previously @ Directly, IDEO, SYPartners, Philips Design.

LinkedIn CV | Based in San Francisco, CA
Directly Automation
Chatbot automation platform for customer service industry — and clients like Xbox, Microsoft, AT&T and Airbnb.
Snag Work
Creating Uber for hourly work.
Animal ABC
Self-initiated alphabet app product.
Healthcare practitioners on demand.
Rambler Avia
Flight search engine.
Local professional search.
Events and restaurants for all major Russian cities.
People Who I Worked With Say...
Alex's special is his ability to see beyond the practice of UX/UI and Product Design. He is a well-read, well-travelled, continuously self-examined humanist, first and foremost (the last Renascence Man left alive!)
David Gómez-Rosado
Director of Design, Clover Networks
I was impressed with Alex's ability to easily move from high-level strategic matters to the details of execution. He does his work with good humor and remarkable care.
Peter Merholz
VP Design, Snag, Ex-VP Design Jawbone
One of the best design partners I've worked with in my career, Alex has a breadth of design skills ranging from leading user interviews, rapid prototyping, researching competitors, and creating simple, thoughtful, and modern designs.
Lillian Chen
Product Manager, Google
Alex is passionate, skilled and empathetic user-centered designer. He has a natural ability to think through, and deeply into, user problems, and engage customers in helping solve real problems and improve their experiences.
Neil Campbell
UX Design Manager, Google/Youtube